The Bear Growls: County employees allegedly admit taking bribes from casinos — Will Gaming Control Board do anything about it?

Previously reported quote from Gaming Control Board member Randall Sayre: “I don’t think it is right, at this point, to push a great deal of expense through the entire industry to go look for a maybe.” From page 40 of… Continue Reading

The Bear Growls: Stratosphere welches on payment to winning patron

The Wizard of Odds was recently victimized by an unethical sportsbook manager at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. Here is a link to the Wizard’s comments: Shame on the Stratosphere for using this excuse to stiff a patron. Shame… Continue Reading

Good news! Columbia Sussex forced by regulators to sell Tropicana Atlantic City

From my point of view, Columbia Sussex is perhaps the worst casino operator in existence, even including Harrah’s. At least Harrah’s has a fairly generous comp system that can be profitably exploited; Columbia Sussex has mostly garbage games as well… Continue Reading

LV Bear’s Guide to Minimizing Risk of Personal Injury During Casino Backoffs and Barrings

Skilled casino patrons are too often dealt with rudely, harshly, and sometimes even violently by casino personnel, merely for using their brains while in a casino. Sometimes inexperienced advantage players make the mistake of inadvertently worsening the situation, usually to… Continue Reading