The Bear Growls: District Attorney helping sweep Harrah’s crimes under the rug

The casino-hugging Clark County District Attorney, David Roger, is helping Harrah’s sweep the substandard building scandal under the rug.  According to this news article, Harrah’s is essentially being given a free pass to correct its criminal behavior without penalty.  The… Continue Reading

The Bear Growls: Vegas police talked of ‘getting’ O.J. on recording

   According to this article,  Jurors who have been told to refrain from judging O.J. Simpson on his past heard a recording Thursday of a police employee exulting: “This is great. … California can’t get him. … Now we’ll be… Continue Reading

Harrah’s criminal charges and Tropicana license revocation – are honest government officials finally waking up?

In the same week that Clark County filed seventeen criminal charges against Harrah’s employees or contractors in the remodeling scandal, New Jersey regulators refused to renew the Tropicana’s gaming license. Congratulations to Clark County Manager Virginia Valentine and the members… Continue Reading

LV Bear’s Guide to Minimizing Risk of Personal Injury During Casino Backoffs and Barrings

Skilled casino patrons are too often dealt with rudely, harshly, and sometimes even violently by casino personnel, merely for using their brains while in a casino. Sometimes inexperienced advantage players make the mistake of inadvertently worsening the situation, usually to… Continue Reading

The Bear Growls: As I predicted six months ago, “retired” Sheriff goes to work for a casino

Station principals Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank J. Fertitta III, as well as their relatives, supported Young during his tenure as sheriff. In 2002, the company and its owners donated $50,000 to Young’s campaign. In 2006, they donated $60,000, according to… Continue Reading