Originally Posted 12/16/2003 – Orleans hockey night VP promotion abuse of patrons

The Bear Growls: Orleans hockey night VP promotion abuse of patrons

December 16, 2003

At Las Vegas Wranglers home hockey games, which are played at the Orleans Arena, the Orleans was recently hyping a video poker promotion. All you had to do was bring your game ticket stub with you to the casino, and if you hit a Royal Flush, you’d be paid double. Simple enough. Though the ads on the public address system at the hockey games did not say anything about the usual “the casino can weasel out of this promotion at any time,” when a player hit a Royal, the casino terminated the promotion, and ejected all the players who were playing the high-dollar machines at the time. Disgusting, unethical, sleazy behavior by the casino managers.

Imagine if you went into a business like McDonald’s with a 2 for 1 cheeseburger coupon, and they said, “Sorry, one person already got a free burger. We’ve changed our minds and will not honor your coupon, even though you’ve complied with every requirement we set forth for use of the coupon.” There would be a loud public outcry about false advertising, fraud, etc., etc. However, casinos are able to get away with such bogus promotions without being penalized. Shame on Coast Casinos.


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