The Bear Growls: Police and casino security assault elderly woman. Don’t they ever learn?

Yonker Raceway

From the article Great Grandmother Strip-Searched At N.Y. Casino:

Meanwhile, she says she was taken to a room and interrogated by a man she says turned out to be a plain clothes state trooper who then accused her of hiding the winning slip, in an apparent scam to get another.

One has to wonder if there is no crime in Yonkers, giving a state police officer time to waste on something as stupid as this. The bad news is that it is probably going to be harder to recover damages from the public agency than it would be if some casino security morons did it on their own, instead of in concert with a public employee moron.

But since a first look at the machine did not turn up the ticket, she was ordered into a room where a security woman conducted a strip search.

This brings up an interesting question. Assuming the reporter got the facts correct, if a state police officer took the woman into custody (“taken to a room”), on what basis did the officer turn over the arrestee/”detainee”(?) to a private security guard to do a strip search?

The casino’s defense likely will be, “The police forced security to do it.” Of course, that lame excuse didn’t stand up in the Imperial Palace/Grosjean case, where the casino guards tried to blame Gaming Control agents, claiming the Gaming agents ordered the guards to attack, kidnap, and falsely imprison Mr. Grosjean.

Mind-boggling. I hope this lady gets millions.

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