The Bear Growls: “21” the movie — A waste of time and money

Who can count with Kate at the table?

The movie was awful. I wanted to leave about thirty minutes into it, but my wife talked me into staying. I thought the movie would never end — it got worse and worse as it went on. There were so many errors it was ridiculous. I don’t think even a Kate Bosworth nude scene would have saved this turkey of a movie. I realize it was supposed to be “entertainment,” but one would think that moviemakers would at least try to get simple facts correct. It seemed like they went out of their way to get things wrong. I felt like asking for a refund. I don’t think the movie will have any effect on anything related to blackjack or any other form of advantage play.

Rather than rehash the dozens of stupid things that have been mentioned by others, here are links to good comments about this terrible movie:

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  1. I was pretty disappointed with 21 because I knew that Kevin Spacey wanted to do this movie and thought there would be much more to it.

    Something with more of an insiders look at Vegas instead of usual Las Vegas glamor shots. The direction held my attention for a while but the MIT kids were such a stretch and the movie was always trying to hard to make a point.

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