Bear Praise: Avril Lavigne — Great concert at The Pearl at Palms

Avril Lavigne rocks at The Pearl 

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Avril’s sold-out concert. What a magnificent performer. She plays piano, guitar, and drums as well as singing and of course looking great.

The Pearl is much, much better that the Joint at Hard Rock. The Pearl has seats, rather than the stupidity of making patrons stand in a tightly-packed mob for three hours. It was sparkling clean and appeared well-run, with the doors opening in plenty of time for patrons to find their reserved seats. No unnecessary time wasted standing outside.

We had front-row seats on the upper level, which made for perfect viewing without the potential hassle of having to stand if fools in front of us did. The front row has no seats immediately behind it either, so it couldn’t have been better. No other patrons in front or directly behind us.

My two minor gripes: The opening act, Boys Like Girls, was awful — guys who looked like bums bellowing and cursing — it could hardly be called “music.” One patron (it wasn’t me) yelled at them to stop cursing so much. The other gripe is that the Palms security guards apparently couldn’t be bothered to assist with traffic flow exiting the parking garages, resulting in departure taking longer than it should have.

I recommend the Pearl. The Joint is not even in the same league.

Avril Lavigne bringing upbeat sound to The Pearl


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