Union organizer compares casino executives to terrorists

72 Olympics Terrorist 

From this article in the Las Vegas Sun:

A campaign to organize MGM Mirage security guards has turned ugly, with the union’s lead organizer comparing casino executives to terrorists and threatening to bring homeless people and prostitutes to the picket line to make things unpleasant for the company’s customers.

This is absolutely hilarious. I would love to see this happen. It’s ironic that I equate the security thugs with terrorists more than I do the casino bosses, though I certainly have no more respect for the suits than I do the security cretins.

An example of the monstrous conduct casino security “officers” are capable of:

(Mandalay Bay security guard) … fabricated charges against skilled casino patron

An example of the sleaziness that MGM Grand executives are capable of:

MGM Grand & Gaming Control Board conspire to harass patron trying to cash chips

I don’t think I’d want anyone from either group to my home for dinner. They deserve each other. The overzealous union guy fits right in. You can’t make this stuff up. Absolute comedy.


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