The Bear Growls: Stupid comment by sportsbook manager Robert Walker — Betting intelligently is “taking a shot” at the casino

Robert Walker 

Robert Walker is retiring after 20 years in the sportsbook business. Good. It’s way past time for him to go. In this article, he is quoted as making this idiotic statement:

“The pros that sneak people in here at night … our biggest parlay card players the last few years have been elderly women who come in with stacks of cards and play round-robins on games that we’re 2-3 points off,” Walker said. “It’s people that you wouldn’t normally associate with taking a shot at you. The pros have gotten to our casino players, and they’ve tried everything.”

“Sneak people in here at night” — If the sportsbook is open for business, how is placing a bet “sneaking”?

“It’s people that you wouldn’t normally associate with taking a shot at you” … — Apparently to Mr. Walker, betting intelligently is “taking a shot.”

What a clown. Happy retirement.


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  1. I wonder if a retiring Casino Manager would ever say we only want ill-informed people playing our slot machines and want table-games players to only select bets with very high house advantages.

    The sports book operator may want to skim the cream and take bets only from the ignorant but even the ignorant bettors will desert the sports books entirely if it becomes too one-sided an operation.

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