The Bear Growls: Riverside County Sheriff’s Office refuses to get involved in criminal abuse of patron by Fantasy Springs Casino

Fantasy Springs Casino 

A friend was recently accosted by casino guards and physically forced into the backroom of Fantasy Springs Casino near Indio, CA. His cell phone was grabbed from his grasp by casino guards while he was trying to call 911 for help, and he was subsequently handcuffed. The thugs eventually released him.

The victim tried to file a crime report with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, but was told he had to speak with the tribal gaming commission, even though the Riverside County Sheriff has criminal jurisdiction over this Indian casino. The sheriff’s office refused to recognize that a crime was committed against the player, stating that the Indians “probably made card counting a crime,” which of course is nonsense. How can it be a crime to think?

Under the Sheriff’s reasoning, the victim then would have allegedly committed a crime by thinking, so the casino thugs were justified in detaining him. Of course, even if thinking had in fact been outlawed in this casino, the fact that the thugs descended upon him within minutes of his arrival precluded anyone there from making a valid determination that he was counting cards in their casino. But that didn’t matter to the sheriff’s office. Mind boggling.


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