The Bear Growls: Vegas police talked of ‘getting’ O.J. on recording

OJ's Vegas Mug Shot 

 According to this articleJurors who have been told to refrain from judging O.J. Simpson on his past heard a recording Thursday of a police employee exulting: “This is great. … California can’t get him. … Now we’ll be able to.”

I am certainly not a fan of Mr. Simpson, but have long thought this to be a prosecution motivated by public hatred of Simpson and by the politician/D.A. David Roger exploiting the situation to aggrandize himself. Roger, the elected D.A., is personally prosecuting the case. I wonder how the work he was elected to do — run the D.A.’s office — is getting done while he grandstands on television all day long. Is he staying in his office twenty-four hours a day to make sure he can complete his actual work that the taxpayers pay him to do? Somehow I doubt it.

Had this been anyone but Simpson, Metro probably wouldn’t even have responded to the call, let alone arrested anyone or done any type of follow-up “investigation.” A brain-using patron being kidnapped by casino guards, for instance, may well get this response from Metro: “Oh well, casino security says we’re not needed, so we’re not going to show up.”

Again, I’m not in any way defending Simpson, but the colossal waste of taxpayer money on this ridiculous prosecution is absurd. Having Jackie Glass as judge is equally absurd.  Link to post about some of her previous shenanigans:


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