Originally Posted 3/22/04 – Nevada Gaming Commission blew their chance!

The Bear Growls: Nevada Gaming Commission blew their chance!

March 22, 2004

The Nevada Gaming Commission had the opportunity to restore some confidence in the integrity of Nevada’s system of regulation, after the petty fine given Venetian for rigging drawings so that favored high rollers would win. But they blew it. Despite Chairman Peter Bernhard stating, “This is the most serious complaint I’ve seen since I’ve been on the commission. The issues go to the heart of the integrity of the industry,” the casino puppets on the Commimssion rubber-stamped the actions of the casino lackeys on the Gaming Control Board. A summary of the case is in this article.

This situation is worse because it is not the first time Venetian has been caught cheating patrons. Shortly after its opening, it tried to cheat a slot player out of a jackpot. In that instance, Venetian was eventually ordered by the Gaming Control Board to pay the jackpot, but no penalty was assessed for the cheatring attempt.

The gaming control system in Nevada is an embarassment to the state. Commission members should have turned down the ridiculously low penalty assessed to the Venetian by the Gaming Control Board. Unfortunately, they failed to do their duty. The Commission is a disgrace.


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