The Bear Growls: District Attorney helping sweep Harrah’s crimes under the rug

The casino-hugging Clark County District Attorney, David Roger, is helping Harrah’s sweep the substandard building scandal under the rug.  According to this news article, Harrah’s is essentially being given a free pass to correct its criminal behavior without penalty.  The arraignment of Harrah’s itself on the criminal charges, as well as the arraignments of two Harrah’s employees on criminal charges, are being postponed again and again.  Is there any doubt that after the “review” is completed and some upgrades made to the substandard properties, the criminal charges will be quietly dropped?

This is typical Nevada “law enforcement” behavior when it comes to crimes by casinos and casino employees.  In this instance, our little District Attorney is following the pathetic usual behavior of the Gaming Control Board when dealing with casino wrongdoing.  Make them fix the problem, but don’t punish them. Can any other criminals get away with merely righting their wrongs?  For example, “Oh, yes, I robbed the bank. You caught me.  I’ll give the money back, and nothing more will happen to me.”  Sure.

What about the county employees who admitted to taking bribes from Harrah’s?  None of them have been arrested and prosecuted.  And what about the corrupt former county inspector who falsified official reports about the inspections?  He has not been arrested and prosecuted.  Why not?  Probably because they would turn against Harrah’s to save their own skins, and offer embarrassing and probably incriminating information about the casino company that the DA’s office apparently would rather help cover up. Shameful and disgusting.

David Roger, the same character who wasted taxpayer time and money by personally prosecuting O J Simpson for crimes that casino employees frequently commit but are never prosecuted for, had an opportunity to take a public position that might indicate Nevada at least cares a little bit about the well-being of its visitors.  Unfortunately, he failed miserably. Shame on David Roger.


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