The Bear growls: More McCarran Airport management stupidity

Recently the main Southwest “C” Gate TSA area was moved from its logical, long-time place on the second floor to down on the first floor, where many people would never otherwise have reason to go. I have traveled through the airport hundreds of times, but had not been on the first floor in at least ten years. Parking in the garage or valet, there is no reason to go down a floor just to go back up a floor. On the second floor, where the sometimes-working trams are located, there is now just one TSA line.

But the stupidest part of this is that there is not one single sign on the second floor telling travelers that the main “C” Gate TSA area has been moved to the first floor. There are signs on the first floor, but not on the second floor, where many people enter the terminal. While hundreds of people stand haplessly in a single line on the second floor, the first floor is almost empty. Mind-boggling stupidity. How much effort does it take to put up a few signs on the second floor? Hand-letter them with marking pens if necessary. Wake up, airport managers.

I used to like McCarran airport for its efficiency. Those days are long gone. It appears that a bunch of idiots run the place now. The County Commission should clean house there, starting with Airport Manager Randy Walker, but it is likely the current people there were juiced in to jobs that they are not competent to handle. Business as usual, at the public’s expense. Pathetic.

Questionable management, Questionable land deals, Questionable affiliations …
Who is clark county aviation director randy walker?


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  1. Gee, I dunno ’bout that airport and its Screening Skits. Its the cheapest show in town!!
    The Downtown Area and even The Strip have Porn Slappers. Even the Venetian has CondoHustlers.
    The Deuce costs more than a deuce.

    And if the casinos can’t get their check-in procedures streamlined, I don’t see how the airport is ever going to get its check-in procedures streamlined. Atleast the casinos can offer “two free mimosas while dealing with our awful check-in rigamarole”.
    If the casinos can make money on ignorant tourists joining long lines at trendy clubs or long lines at tragically obscene slot machines, why should the airport want to avoid having tourists join long lines? The airport can annoy its “customers” all it wants to. The real airport customers, the casinos and the week-end hookers, don’t seem to care what happens at the airport. So why should an airport manager care???

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