The Bear Growls: Open seat on Nevada Gaming Control Board: Will the governor pick someone who has patrons’ interests in mind?

There is an opening on the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Is it too much to hope for that Governor Gibbons will appoint someone with an interest in protecting patrons? All three present board members are “see no evil, hear no evil” industry puppets who routinely ignore casino wrongdoing. If Nevada is to have a chance at economic recovery, the public’s confidence that the industry treats patrons honestly, legally, and fairly must be restored. The present board is a laughingstock. Let’s hope the governor realizes it and appoints someone who sees the patrons as an important part of the equation, not just suckers to be fleeced as quickly as possible in any way the casino bosses see fit.


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  1. Even if the Governor shares your sentiments about the present board being a laughingstock and that casino patrons should not be viewed as suckers to be fleeced, the Governor would reap the reward of a pro-consumer appointment only once.

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