Originally Posted 4/19/04 – Harrah’s lies, Bally’s and Casino Royale stupid ads

The Bear Growls: Harrah’s lies, Bally’s and Casino Royale stupid ads

April 19, 2004

Harrah’s spokesman’s comments in this In Business article

Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. wasn’t approached with the proposal but “had (Revell) done so we would not even have come close to participating in this,” spokesman Gary Thompson said. “Our (Chairman) Phil Satre has said for years that if you’re gambling for the wrong reasons we don’t want your business. We think this is irresponsible behavior. Gambling is not a way to solve financial problems. It never has been and never will be. It should be entertainment and nothing more than that.”

Harrah’s behavior as noted in the Las Vegas Sun article about lawsuits against casinos:

(Harrah’s) further raised his credit to $100,000, although casino bosses noted that Armstrong had a friend apply for credit so Armstrong could continue to gamble. After noting internally that “we appear to have Mr. Armstrong in over his head,” casino officials issued more credit to Armstrong, the court said

I guess they did want Mr. Armstrong’s business, despite what Mr.Satre says.

From Bally’s, who brought us the stupid marquee ad a couple of years ago that said, Blackjacks pay a whopping 6 to 5. Last week, heard on Bally’s PA system: Some of our machines pay back 98%. At that rate, we’re practically giving money away. Yeah, right. Sucking $2 from every $100 bet is “practically giving money away”?

This is about as absurd as Casino Royale’s advertisement, Our blackjack rules are so liberal, players can even hit soft 17’s. Duhhh, even on the 6 to 5 games?


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