Originally Posted 4/26/04 – Nevada Supreme Court again shows lack of integrity

Supreme Court of Nevada 

The Bear Growls: Nevada Supreme Court again shows lack of integrity

April 26, 2004From this article

The Supreme Court said Friday that Hearn had probable cause to detain and, if he chose to, arrest Bernier. “Probable cause does not require virtual certainty; it does, however require more than mere suspicion,” said the court’s unanimous decision.

I have followed this case closely. There was nothing even remotely approaching probable cause. This crooked Gaming agent should have been fired, arrested, criminally prosecuted, sent to prison, and successfully sued for damages he would have to pay for the rest of his life. Instead, he is still out there carrying a badge, with more opportunities to bully the public. This case clearly illustrates how corruption has continued to pollute the highest levels of Nevada government. A sad ruling, a sad day.


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