New York video poker/lottery scam

A reader submitted the following:

Recently announced plans to open a huge VLT gaming facility at Aqueduct racetrack in New York City warrant a warning to New York’s VLT patrons who will think they have found well-paying video poker machines but who, in actuality, will be had by the VLT facility and its partner, the State Lottery.  A real 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker machine returns, on average, about 99.5% of the money wagered through it, assuming proper play. But because of the laws governing gambling in New York, such a machine cannot legally be offered there.  However, offering what appears in every way to be such a machine, but what in actuality is a game that returns only 92%, regardless of the player’s skill, is not illegal.  The Government Law Center of Albany Law School explains the scam as perpetrated by the existing “racinos” in the state.

Frequent contributor FLASH wrote about this some time ago.

Shame on the politicians and bureaucrats who are perpetrating this fraud upon the people of New York.


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  1. Hey Bear. I really like your blog. You are so right about the rip offs at the racino. Sratoga harness VLT are as tight as a crab’s a$$. The politicans d not care.

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