Originally Posted 11/22/04 – Nevada Supreme Court gives OK to fabrication of evidence

The Bear Growls: Nevada Supreme Court gives OK to fabrication of evidence

November 22, 2004

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal story: The actions of the two agents “were not so sufficiently egregious as to strip them of the qualified immunity that they are entitled to under statute,” the court said.

The Gaming agents falsified reports stating that Mr. Grosjean and Mr. Russo were bending the cards, though they knew this to be untrue. The falsification of reports led to the illegal arrests of the two victims. No charges were ever filed, because there was nothing to charge them with. They did nothing wrong.

What could be more egregious than police officers making up a crime and then arresting people based on the fabricated evidence? This opinion was not unexpected, but is still incredible. As a Nevada resident, I hang my head in shame. If anyone still had doubts that Nevada government is corrupt from top to bottom, this case should remove those doubts.


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