Originally Posted 6/15/05 – Thank you Mr. Grosjean, Mr. Russo, Mr. Nersesian, and Ms. Sankiewicz

The Bear Growls: Thank you Mr. Grosjean, Mr. Russo, Mr. Nersesian, and Ms. Sankiewicz

June 15, 2005

The entire advantage player community should thank James Grosjean and Michael Russo for their brave actions in pursuing their claims against Caesars, Griffin, the Gaming Control Board, and Imperial Palace. (Mr. Grosjean recently received a $600,000 jury verdict against Imperial Palace for a similar false imprisonment).

While there have been many lawsuits filed against casinos for wrongful treatment of skilled patrons, most are quietly settled and contain non-disclosure agreements. Mr. Grosjean and Mr. Russo chose to go public with their cases, at possible great sacrifice to themselves. Both are well-bankrolled professionals. They don’t need the extra money that will eventually come to them vs. the quick, easy settlements they could have received from their assailants. But they stood on principle, and we are all better off for it. Maintaining the action against Griffin was particularly important. The rapacious folks at Griffin have long made a living off the backs of honest skilled patrons by misstating facts and publishing phony information. Thanks to Mr. Grosjean, Mr. Russo and their fine attorneys Bob Nersesian and Thea Sankiewicz, Griffin will have to pay for its evildoing.

The punitive damage hearing is Friday. I hope the jury awards punitive damages high enough to finally teach Caesars a lesson, and high enough to put Griffin out of business.

Jury verdict of $100,000 + punitive damages for Grosjean and Russo vs. Caesars Palace and Griffin agencyIn a unanimous jury verdict in Clark County District Court on June 10, 2005, James Grosjean and Michael Russo were awarded a total of $100,000 against Caesars Palace for false imprisonment and against Griffin Detective Agency, Inc. for libel.. The jury unanimously found in favor of the plaintiffs on every question they were asked to decide. Specific damages awarded were $25,000 to Mr. Grosjean against Caesars, $25,000 to Mr. Grosjean against Griffin, $25,000 to Mr. Russo against Caesars, and $25,000 to Mr. Russo against Griffin. The plaintiffs are represented by Las Vegas attorneys Robert Nersesian and Thea Sankiewicz.The jury specifically found that there was no probable cause for Caesars to believe Mr. Grosjean or Mr. Russo had committed any crime when they were forcibly backroomed and detained after winning over $18,000 from Caesars in April 2000. The jury specifically found that Griffin libeled the plaintiffs by continuing to publish false information that they are cheaters. The jury found that both defendants are liable for punitive damages to both plaintiffs. The hearing on punitive damages will be held Friday, June 17.

Link to a 2003 article about Griffin Detective Agency.

“In my opinion, it is an incredible compilation. … peppered with mistakes and falsehoods based on some of the grossest hearsay,” said lawyer Bob Nersesian of Las Vegas.


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