The Bear Growls: NFL arrogance and stupidity in opposing online gambling

NFL Hires Full-Time Lobbyist to Attack Online Gambling

The NFL owes much of its popularity to gambling, online and otherwise. How many millions of people wouldn’t bother to watch a bunch of overstuffed, single-digit IQ thugs running around charging into each other like wild animals, if they didn’t have a financial stake in the games, whatever size any individual’s stake may be? TV ratings and attendance would take a severe hit. Advertising revenue would decline. Stadium workers and other employees would suffer layoffs. But the NFL puts its corporate head in the sand and bites the hand that feeds it. Ridiculous.

The NFL should learn from the bloated, self-important fat cats at Harrah’s, MGM Mirage, Station Casinos, and other casino companies that are now in or are contemplating bankruptcy. They can only gouge and sucker people for so long before many people stop coming. The economic downturn has quickly crippled the greedy, parasitic casino industry. By continuing to try to remove many people’s main reason to be interested in the childish games presented by the NFL, the league may find itself alongside the casinos in bankruptcy court. Wake up, NFL.

For a position more intelligent and honest than that of the NFL, see:

N.J. lawmaker challenges federal ban on sports betting



  1. Well, you have to understand that from the NFL’s perspective, a greater number of legal gambling outlets has the potential to open up numerous cans of worms, mostly out of fear that every other play and call is being made by someone attemting to control the outcome vs. the would-be, more widely bettable point-spread. For instance, the NFL would be afraid that their own players would shave points to help their friends make money to pay off drug debts, etc. NFL players have been schooled for years in how to beat so many systems (academic, drug testing, etc.), that they would take up this sort of challenge in a heartbeat, if given the opportunity. Coaches, too.

    Do I care about the NFL’s potential problems? No. Not at all. It would be amusing to see some of the potential pitfalls manifest themselves, even if it was only the illusion of them and not the real thing.

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