The Bear Growls: Sheriff wants to use casino security “professionals” to help police

From this article: U.S. SENATE TESTIMONY: Sheriff sees hotels, casinos helping

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie said law enforcers are stepping up their outreach to Strip and downtown hotels, and also to private guards who live and work in Las Vegas.

This will further solidify the already too-friendly relationship between police and the many pinhead thugs who work in casino security. We have still not seen a single arrest of a security guard for any of the numerous violent crimes committed against patrons, many of which subsequently result in large civil jury verdicts. This will make it even less likely to happen.

“In our community there are over 6,700 private security professionals, and thousands more valet attendants, housekeepers and bell captains, each poised and capable of detecting suspicious behaviors indicating criminal activity,” Gillespie told a Senate homeland security subcommittee on preparedness.

“Professionals” — that’s absurd. The sheriff should look at the lack of professionalism in his own department. The mere thought of Metro stooping so low as to depend on the veracity of the lowlifes that populate casino security departments is frightening.


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