Originally Posted 12/9/05 – Harrah’s turns decent casinos into grind joints

The Bear Growls:  Harrah’s turns decent casinos into grind joints

December 9, 2005
It is no secret that Harrah’s is despised by most skilled players.  Harrah’s business plan of offering poor games and not tolerating reasonable levels of action turns off many higher-stakes players, skilled and non-skilled alike.  Harrah’s has turned many a good casino into a worthless grind joint. Harrah’s recently eliminated double after split on its formerly marginally-playable double deck blackjack games at Bally’s/Paris.  Harrah’s sportsbook managers have begun large-scale ejections of intelligent  sports bettors.   Other changes at the casinos it recently acquired are all for the worse. Of all the casino industry folks that deserve to be growled at, Harrah’s is  the worst.


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  1. The Paris is the single most paranoid casino that I have ever taken a seat in. Actually, there are many burn joints that I have never bothered to set foot in as I like to bet chunky green.

    Years ago, shortly after they opened, I was backed off in 21 minutes at The Paris. (I happened to check my watch). It was a bad rules, shallow dealt 2 decker and I bet $100 to 2 hands of $200. A break-even game at best. I was only there because I had comped some friends to a room there. I was not staying there. The tap came the instant that I spread to two hands.

    Yesterday, I thought that I was playing at Ballys (don’t ask why) and my companion (somehow) convinced me that the decor/chips that indicated that I was in fact playing at “Paris/Ballys” could be safely ignored. I plaid at a standard $25 bad rule / bad cut 2 decker table and spread from $25 to $50 on one and only hand, just to test the waters. I found myself winning almost every hand via pure dumb luck. On the 3rd shuffle [Care to estimate how long that took? I failed to check the time.] the tap on the shoulder came!

    You are sooo very correct when you say that Harrah’s corporate policy is to transmogrify their pathetic games. I cannot speak for their flagship – Caesars Palace as I have been read the trespass act there.

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