The Bear Growls: Resorts Atlantic City hits a new low for sleaziness

Resorts Atlantic City has launched a new online social community, called Resorts says it is the first among its competitors to create a customized site that takes social networking to “the next level.” Think of it as a casino’s very own MySpace or Facebook-like page.

Casino ups the ante on social networking scene

This is disgusting. Gambling addicts and degenerates will be more easily be able to find others¬† like themselves, so the casino can exploit them together. Pathetic.¬† “Social networking” revolving around losing money in a casino? A new low in casino propaganda dissemination.

The slimeballs who thought up this one ought to be ashamed of themselves.



  1. I’m not too sure I consider it all that reprehensible for the casinos to be utilizing technology.
    Should your enumerated groups Problem Gamblers and Degenerates be allowed to prevent the casinos from embracing technology?
    I prefer emails to physical mailings from a casino. If other firms are going onto MySpace or Facebook or Twitter, why should a casino not be allowed to?
    Problem Gamblers have the option of not logging in.
    Advertising in general may be an unwelcome intrusion into our lives but I dont really see casino advertising as all that different.
    Find each other? I’m sure the first uses will be made by the attractive young ladies who generally decorate the lounges and approach solitary males with offers of companionship. Its not all that difficult to do the old-fashioned way; they might as well do it electronically!
    Its not that I particularly favor advertising or commercial intrusion, its just that I don’t see any use in making distinctions about casino advertising versus other advertising.
    The casinos use player cards to fine tune their marketing program, why not FaceBook also?

  2. A greater technological hazard faced by problem gamblers is that the casinos have a self-ban program but Google does not, so a problem-gambler’s computer will get a good many casino advertisements pushed to it based on the gambler’s search history.

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