The Bear Growls: Saving our country

This is not a political blog, but it seems that some ideas need to be put forth. It becomes more obvious by the day that our current “leaders” from either major political party are unable to solve our country’s problems. The following ideas are offered as food for thought. As a Libertarian, some of my suggestions go against my own long-held beliefs. But these are extraordinary times, and some extraordinary measures must be taken. Reasoned responses and opposing views are welcome.

1. Build the southern border wall as quickly as possible. I have not heard a convincing argument against it. Also, it will create jobs for the soon to be unemployed DEA agents and prison guards (see below).

2. Aggressively ferret out and deport illegal aliens. Provide an amnesty program and “path to citizenship” for illegals that have been in the U.S. and gainfully, legally employed for at least the immediately preceding one year, have no criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, pass drug screening (even though drugs would not be illegal, drug usage is still an undesirable trait, so we should be able to exclude drug users who are here illegally from the amnesty program), and pass a test demonstrating competence speaking and writing in English. Spouses/consorts of such illegals would have the same requirements. Their children would be permitted to stay as well, subject to the criminal, drug, and English requirements.

3. Compel employers, health care providers, landlords, and mortgage companies to use the existing Social Security number verification process. Improve the process by issuing confirmation numbers that must be included in employers’ quarterly payroll tax returns and appropriate government reports filed by the other types of entities mentioned above. Non-matching applicants must be immediately reported to immigration officials. Enact significant monetary penalties against entities that do not comply, as well as criminal penalties for the individuals within those entitles who do not comply. Enact a strong whistleblower protection clause, and/or rewards for employees who report non-compliant entities.

4. Declare a moratorium on legal immigration, except for those with needed special skills, who would have to agree to remain employed in their fields of specialty for at least five years, or face deportation.

5. Amend the Constitution or enact appropriate legislation so that a child born on U.S. soil to a mother who is not a legal permanent resident does not automatically become a U.S. citizen. If the mother is here illegally, the child would be here illegally and subject to deportation along with the illegal mother. Illegal alien fathers of such children would receive no consideration or benefit because of having fathered such children, even if the mother is here legally.

6. An absolute three-year, once per lifetime limit on receiving welfare, except for those who have legitimate disabilities. Implement a system for requesting exemptions on a case-by-case basis, but set a high threshold for obtaining exemptions.

7. Disband the DEA. Transfer prescription and medicinal drug monitoring to the FDA. Transfer DEA employees to the Border Patrol or other immigration-related departments, or pay them to clean the streets, remove graffiti, etc.

8. Repeal most “recreational” drug laws, except as they relate to minors, and open the market to legitimate manufacturers and distributors. Tobacco and liquor companies will probably be the first to want in. Restrict advertising similar to the present restrictions on tobacco advertising. Obviously we will tax the earnings of these companies. (NOTE: I do not use any recreational drugs, and never have. I do not drink or smoke, and never have except for a very rare “social drink.”)

9. Release prison inmates who are there for non-violent offenses related to their drug addictions.

10. Inmates released under Item 9 would have to go into rehabilitation and addiction treatment. Experiment with government-run medicine in his setting, with prisoner/ drug addicts as patients. Perhaps there are other medicines such as methadone for heroin addicts?

11. Lay off an appropriate number of prison guards, police officers, prosecutors, etc., because there will be no more drug-related prosecutions, and less petty crime that is caused by the presently high illegal drug prices. Lay off everyone directly involved in the failed “War on Drugs.” Offer these folks the same work as the former DEA agents (see Item 7 above), and/or offer them jobs in the drug rehabilitation clinics.

12. Revamp TSA’s rules, so all it is concerned about are items that are a threat to aircraft safety. TSA employees would be prohibited from inquiring about cash, etc.

13. Eliminate the income tax, and replace it with a universal sales tax, with exemptions for basic life necessities such as food (but not at restaurants), housing up to a certain dollar amount, and medical care.

14. Legalize, regulate, and tax all forms of Internet gambling, including sports betting.

15. Mandate that those receiving unemployment “benefits” accept any offered job for which they are physically capable, and make a good faith effort to perform satisfactorily at such job. The refusal of any offered work, or the termination from such work for reasonable cause without immediately beginning other work, would result in the loss of “benefits” double the amount the offered job pays.

16. Create an “assigned risk ” system for health care insurance similar to what is presently in effect in most states for automobile insurance. If an insurance carrier wants the cream-of-the-crop business, it must also take its share of undesirable customers, just like auto insurers are forced to do. This coverage can be high deductible bare-bones catastrophic coverage, but must be available to all who request it, with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions — indeed, no medical questions permitted to be asked.

17. Eliminate “tribal sovereignty” for Native Americans. Existing tribal casinos should be “grandfathered” in, but no new ones should be permitted except as otherwise compliant with state laws. Present “Indian reservations” can be restructured as counties (parishes in Louisiana), subject to state law. “Tribal governments” and tribal courts should be disbanded. Tribes can remain in existence, but they would be treated as any other business entity.

18. Item that would be of concern primarily to advantage players: Increase the CTR threshold to $50,000, and the $3,000 “harassment” threshold to $25,000. With less drug money floating around because of the expected decrease in drug prices for addicts, the government has less need to intrude into people’s private business.


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  1. While not entirely opposed to most of the items listed, I think a good deal of this is impractical.

    Immigration has long been a problem for this country. Various groups have been maligned usually without much in the way of scientific or historical precision. Irish, Portugese, … whatever, they’ve all been considered undesired foreigners at some time.

    Drug and prison reform? We do not have Evidence Based Laws or Evidence Based Policies. Few societies do. Just as many of our defense related expenses are simply pork barrel projects that favor particular groups or particular locales so too are many of our crime related expenditures. Do you really think that the police do not know that enforcement of drug laws is nothing short of a Price-Support program for dealers? Do you really think that some highly paid cop who spends his time lecturing school kids about drugs wants to quit his high paid but useless job and go to the border-wall where he will actually be forced to do some useful work for a change? Do you really think that the cowboy-DEA agents don’t enjoy their exciting and highly paid, albeit useless, jobs?

    People having been calling for welfare reform for decades, but its still easier to get welfare than a building permit. And the bureaucrats like it that way.

    Tribal gambling? Many of the tribes were creations of lawyers. Many of the laws and regulations were nothing but special interests seeking legislation that is favorable to them.

    You want change? You want common sense and efficiency? Well, its not likely to happen.

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