Originally Posted 8/4/03 – Las Vegas City Councilwoman accepts seat on casino board

The Bear Growls: Las Vegas City Councilwoman accepts seat on casino board

August 4, 2003

Further blurring the line between casinos and government, Las Vegas City Council member Lynette Boggs Mc Donald has joined Station Casinos’ board of directors, for which she will be paid $50,000.00 a year plus stock options and other perks. This is more than her salary as a Las Vegas elected city official. Boggs McDonald was once involved in a scandal involving her acceptance of gifts from Station, but it was covered up, and nothing was done about it. There is a brief mention of the scandal in

this news article.

While Council member Boggs Mc Donald calls this board appointment “an opportunity of a lifetime,” it’s a sad day for Las Vegas, as still another elected official joins a casino payroll, in this case while still holding public office. She says she anticipates few conflicts of interest, which is hard to believe. As a respected Green Chip member, Mr. Lucky, put it, “… You know it’s obvious … how much of a conflict of interest there is when a politician tries to claim there will on be a few such instances.”

Ms. Boggs McDonald should be embarrassed for her arrogant money grab. Station Casinos should be ashamed of itself for this apparent “buy a politician” attempt. Hopefully, Ms. Boggs McDonald’s political career will be over when the next election comes around.

Added June 5, 2007: As hoped for above, her political career ended when she was trounced in a run for the Clark County Commission.

Ms. Boggs (now divorced from McDonald) is being criminally charged over alleged lying in campaign statements. Though of course she is entitled to the presumption of innocence, the case looks strong. If she is found guilty, I hope some prison time is meted out. Link to news story.


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