The Bear Growls: Steve Wynn stoops to new low — Concert attendees have to show identification

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Garth Brooks and Steve Wynn
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From its beginning, Wynn Las Vegas has been the worst casino at privacy invasion and abuse of its patrons’ personal information. Wynn’s casino management has no respect for the privacy of its patrons. The casino harasses patrons for identification at every possible opportunity. It has the despicable policy of demanding to scan personal documents into its computer system in order for a patron to get a player’s card, leaving patrons more vulnerable to identity theft. It demands Social Security numbers at the lowest buy-in and payout amounts of any casino, with no legitimate reason to do so. The sportsbook is run in an equally tyrannical manner. Perhaps one day there will be an identify theft scandal originating at Wynn that will result in so many lawsuits that it puts this horrible man out of business.

Now, under the guise of “protecting” patrons from paying whatever they wish for tickets, Mr. Wynn has instituted a policy of demanding identification from concert attendees. No, this is not a joke. Interfering with the long-standing, effective free market system of ticket sales, Wynn is forcing patrons to show ID if they want to see Garth Brooks perform. This policy is so absurd and abusive as to leave me nearly speechless, which doesn’t often happen.

Mr. Brooks is a popular performer. I doubt if it will happen, but I would be delighted to see a boycott of the performances because of Mr. Wynn’s latest assault on patrons’ privacy.

What is Mr. Wynn’s problem with legitimate ticket brokers? In cities where I have attended events to which casinos did not give me free tickets, I have several times used the services of ticket brokers. I have always gotten better tickets than I could have obtained directly from the venue, with little or no hassle. I am happy to pay extra to get excellent tickets without standing in line or other waste of time.

I find it ironic that a cretin like Steve Wynn, who has done and/or directed/encouraged/tolerated so many bad things to so many people, claims to suddenly care about saving the average person some money. There is undoubtedly more to this phony burst of “kindness” by Mr. Wynn than we know. I would say shame on Mr. Wynn, but the man appears to absolutely shameless.

Mr. Wynn should go back to grappling with hookers on his property, and leave ticket sales to people who understand what they are doing.

Subsequently, a response from the National Association of Ticket Brokers:

“As a top travel destination, Las Vegas is one of the largest markets for secondary ticket sales. The average visitor can’t always plan their trips around the most popular shows, or track down the best seats as soon as they go on sale.

“Fans hire brokers to help them find the tickets they want, for the price they can pay, or to resell the tickets they can’t use. Wynn has no right to tell these fans ‘hey, tough luck – unless you bought them at our box office within two hours of going on sale then you can’t go to the show.’

Mr. Wynn, the ultimate predator, has become wealthy by exploiting suckers and sick, addicted gamblers. He then stuck his foot more deeply in his mouth: “…we’re going to stop these predators, believe me.”

    Steve Wynn calling someone else a predator. Priceless!


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