The Bear Growls: Colorado casinos move to cheapen blackjack

It’s a shame that Colorado casino operators have already shown their excessive greed by requesting state regulators to permit the sucker-fleecing 6 to 5 payoff on blackjack. Some of the information in this article is misleading, to say the least:

“Six-to-5 is common in Vegas now, so the industry wants to be consistent with other jurisdictions,” (Colorado Division of Gaming spokesman) Don Burmania said.

It is not mentioned that the 6 to 5 sucker ripoff is rare in other parts of the country and throughout the world. In Las Vegas, 6 to 5 is found mostly on the lowest-stakes tables of the tourist ripoff capital of the world. Of course, with all of Colorado being low-stakes, there is no distinction. But the present Colorado game rule regulations are fine. There is no need to change them, except to further increase the table maximums. Let’s hope the Colorado regulators have the backbone to stand up to the casino bullies and say NO to this ripoff.

UPDATE February 19, 2010:

Unfortunately, the Colorado regulators had no backbone to stand up to the casino bullies and say NO to this ripoff.



  1. I would imagine that the Colorado regulators have all the backbone that the lobbyists for the casino owners tell them to have.

  2. >the Colorado regulators had no backbone
    >to stand up to the casino bullies and
    >say NO to this ripoff.
    The spineless regulators hurt the gamblers of Colorado but one of those Colorado gamblers seems to have the right idea in the comments section of his local paper: I’ll save my money and fly to Vegas to play 3:2.

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