The Bear Growls: Louisiana government corruption rivals Las Vegas government corruption

According to this news article, Internet gambling charges against an executive with a British company were dismissed Tuesday in exchange for $400,000 after extradition issues left the case nearly impossible to prosecute, St. Landry Parish District Attorney’s Office announced.

If this case was nearly impossible to prosecute, why didn’t the prosecutor dismiss it? The demand to pay $400,000 is beyond disgusting. This appears to rise to the level of extortion.

It is bad enough that various levels of government are wasting time and public resources prosecuting online gaming executives.  This ridiculous witch hunt has hurt thousands of honest, law-abiding American online casino patrons, for no discernible purpose.  But self-important windbag politicians extorting money from the very people they are harassing reaches a new low for government sleaziness. I hope all the anti-online gaming zealots are out of office soon and some common sense returns to government.


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