The Bear Growls: Peppermill Reno welches on comps

The Peppermill Reno 

Peppermill Reno recently changed to an MGM-type comp system if you are a comped hotel guest.

The player’s club no longer issues food comp slips if you are a comped hotel guest, and they immediately know you’re a hotel guest when you present your player’s card. The patron is told that the meal must be charged to the room, and it will be “evaluated” by VIP Services at checkout. The sleazy part of the system is that the host’s food comp decision appears to be based solely on tracked action given on the current trip, and ignores the comp balance on the player’s card from previous trips. One player with a four-figure comp balance was recently denied reasonable food comps because of “insufficient play” on that specific trip.

Perhaps shorting patrons on comps is Peppermill’s way of helping pay for its large expansion. I always thought Peppermill was a classy, well-run casino despite its absolute intolerance of patrons using their brains on its premises. I obviously was wrong in thinking it is classy or well-run. I hope this short-sighted, stingy new policy costs Peppermill many high-end patrons. I hope the cheapskate who implemented this policy is soon looking for other employment.

NOTE:  Peppermill did not respond to a request for comment.


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