Bear Praise, not a growl: Customer-friendly service from Dollar Rent-a-Car in Reno

Dollar Rent-A-Car 

On a recent Reno trip, I drove my Dollar rental car less than one hundred miles. But it took sixteen gallons and over fifty dollars to fill it up prior to returning it. I assumed that gas had been stolen from the tank by siphoning; it was a car without a locking fuel filler. Either that or it was accidentally not filled up prior to my renting it. I am usually in a hurry when in Reno and could have failed to look at the gauge when I got the car. If that was the case, it was my fault for not checking. I was not going to make an issue of it either way.

When returning the car, I casually mentioned it to the check-in employee. He told me I should request a refund, and radioed in to the airport counter that I was coming in. The counter employee was helpful and efficient, and credited me an appropriate amount. The transaction took less than five minutes. These employees went above and beyond the call of duty to please a customer.

Because I am quick to criticize businesses when they mistreat patrons, I believe an incident of good service like this should be equally publicized. Most casinos could learn about good customer service from this incident.


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