The Bear Growls: Harrah’s arrogance in ejecting video poker players


Richard Brodie’s blog speaks for itself:

On May 10, Harrah’s sent certified letters to several high rollers informing them that their business was no longer wanted at Caesars Palace or any of the other Harrah’s properties in Nevada, California, and Arizona.

Of all the arrogant things Harrah’s management has done, this is among the worst. It’s amazing that Harrah’s continues to be able to find such incompetent managers to hire, and that its business apparently continues to thrive in spite of this kind of rank stupidity. Green Chip member Math Boy posted, Hopefully Richard contacts ESPN so they can learn what happens in the “sport” of poker when casinos are involved. I agree wholeheartedly.

NOTE: Harrah’s did not respond to a request for comments.


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  1. Casinos cheat, they are robbing billions of dollars from patrons. If “probability” was not altered by these liars, then the gambling public would have a fair chance. These casinos control it, they are growing more sophisticated electronically. If you watch closely you can see the alterations on the video poker games. Blips on the screen where winning hands have been removed. Gamblers can no longer play with skill and luck, but are playing at the mercy of these highly calculated computer programs installed by the “pirates themselves”. You must be able to calculate the casino profits in order to win, you can actually track when they had a good quarter, which may get you one good day every three months. The easiest to track Station Casinos, which rarely is satisfied.

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