The Bear Growls: Libertarian Party should be ashamed of candidate Wayne Root

Wayne Allyn Root, Libertarian Candidate for President - BEWARE!

Wayne Allyn Root wants to be the Libertarian candidate for President of the United States. Link to news article I have been a dues-paying member of the Libertarian party for a long time. Mr. Root is the worst Libertarian candidate I have ever seen. I am mortified that anyone would take this guy seriously. Mr. Root is a master marketer and manipulator of information. But serious sports bettors and handicappers know him to be a charlatan and a fraud, apparently making a fortune by preying on gullible, addicted gamblers with his flim-flam. Mr. Root frequently brags about living in a five-million dollar home. However, he fails to disclose that it was undoubtedly paid for on the backs of suckers fleeced into paying for “picks” of little or no value. One thing is for sure — none of his clients ever paid for a home of any value from Mr. Root’s dubious sportsbetting advice. However, I’m sure there have been foreclosures and bankruptcies as a result of his advice.

Shame on Mr. Root for being a long-time scamster and con man. Shame on my own Libertarian Party for the possibility that this disgraceful character will run for President. I am deeply embarrassed for my party.


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