The Bear Growls: Golden Nugget welches on comps for thousands of patrons

Golden Nugget, abandon all hope ye who enter here

The Golden Nugget has unilaterally canceled all banked comps and has gone to a system where earned comps are good only for the current “trip.” Comps no longer carry forward for a reasonable period. All comp balances on players’ cards have been wiped out. A player’s club supervisor stated, “With heavy play on a previous trip, we can comp you one meal at the start of a new trip.” It isn’t clear yet how a “trip” is defined if you are not staying there.

Of all the stupid things present management has done to deliberately drive customers away, this might be the stupidest. This should enrage thousands of “good customers.” I hope they will vote with their feet and send a message to the current group of bozos running the place.

Let’s see: About a year ago, there were mass 86’ings of everyone even remotely suspected of using his or her brain on the premises. The blackjack has been turned into stinking garbage, with most anyone who’s betting more than a few red chips made to feel unwelcome. Some carnival games have been slowed to a crawl by stupid procedures, fueled by paranoia. The sports book often welches on its posted lines, refusing bets at the posted line, but offering an inferior line (bait and switch?). A “bad service avoidance charge” was instituted *. Now, eliminating banked comps — how bad can it get?

Does this management group have some reason they actually want to eliminate customers and run the place into the ground? They have spent lots of money on facility upgrades and improvements, but don’t want customers? The present management style is truly baffling.

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NOTE: Golden Nugget did not respond to a request for comment.


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  1. Yes indeed bad bad bears.
    The best just got worse too Hooters sd,das,80% pen, now yeap just turned into the wonderful 6/5.

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