The Bear Growls: Crisis management and threat assessment expert gets it right about casino security


From this news article:

Larry Barton, an expert in crisis management and threat assessment at American College in Bryn Mawr, Pa. … noted the lack of security guard involvement until Zegrean was subdued by civilians. Casino security guards are paid relatively low wages and receive minimal training, which leads to high turnover and lack of experience, he said.

“Casinos have a long way to go and a tall mountain to climb in training security guards,” Barton said. “Casinos need to wake up. This hurts branding and creates anxiety in guests.”

I have long railed against the poor selection, hiring, and training process for casino security guards. It appears that most casinos hire virtually anyone off the street for these jobs, especially if the job candidate appears to enjoy pushing people around. Of course, when there is a real threat, these loathsome bullies are nowhere to be found.

After some stupid comments made by casino executives about guards, and after the shameful abuse of prosecutorial power in Lake Tahoe against a patron who was defending himself against a criminal attack by Harrah’s guards, it is good to see someone tell the truth about the sorry condition of casino security. With the numerous jury verdicts and settlements against the casino industry for guard misbehavior, one would think the industry would wake up. I wonder what it’ll take before the casino industry upgrades its dismal standards for guards. Does someone have to be killed before these people will clean up their act?

Links to media coverage of casino abuse of patrons


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