Originally Posted 12/8/03 – Aladdin mistreats winning sports bettor

The Bear Growls: Aladdin mistreats winning sports bettor

December 8, 2003

Casino greed seems to know no bounds. The following article speaks for itself. Winners at sports betting are now being treated as badly as skilled blackjack players. Casino mentality tolerates no winners, ever. Disgusting and ridiculous. Las Vegas is going to become the laughing stock of the casino world at the rate it’s deteriorating.

From the current issue of Las Vegas Advisor:

Weak Play at the Aladdin

In the ongoing battle between casinos and advantage-seeking players, both sides are guilty of being less than honorable on occasion. The players try to win and the casinos try to stop them; I don’t usually get too concerned about the details. But the following is an incident that I simply couldn’t swallow.

Without going into the tedious blow-by-blow, a sports bettor of my acquaintance was both good and lucky in winning several multi-team parlay cards played at the Aladdin sports book. It was a big win, totaling more than $40,000, but he did everything by the book, playing within the rules and the limits. Yet, when he attempted to cash in, he was intimidated by security and made to jump through hoops to get his money. In the end, after finally arranging to meet the casino shift supervisor, he was paid at the cage, then trespassed from the Aladdin. (To be trespassed means to be prohibited from stepping onto the property under threat of arrest.)

Now, keep in mind that sports books everywhere make huge profits on parlay cards, which are dreadful bets for 99.9% of the players who play them. But they’re even worse than normal at the Aladdin, which has a particularly bad ties-lose provision hidden on its half-point parlay cards for NFL games lined on 3 and 7 and select college games lined on 7. Trust me when I tell you that this is extra bad news (I know of no other sports book in Nevada that does it).

So while the books are downright giddy about raking in the cash from hapless “squares,” the Aladdin can’t tolerate it when someone comes along and turns the tables. An honorable move would have been to limit future play or even prohibit the player from betting future cards. But trespass him? Pathetic!


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