The Bear Growls: Nevada Gaming Control Board gives casinos permission to harass patrons with impunity

Title 31 has been the law of the land for quite some time, except in Nevada, where Regulation 6a was in force. Now that Regulation 6a has expired, Nevada casinos are making up new excuses to harass winning patrons, using a tortured construction of Title 31 as an excuse to do so.

Nevada’s useless and corrupt Gaming Control Board as usual has positioned itself cozily in the pocket of the casino industry against the interests of patrons. Board member/industry hack Mark Clayton wrote:

… if a licensee chooses to implement an identification standard for transactions less than $10,000, the Board will support a licensee who refuses to make a cash payment until the patron provides appropriate and requested information. For race and sports winning tickets, if a patron does not provide the appropriate identification, the casino shall maintain the unpaid status of the ticket in the bookmaking system.

No other state has taken this position. No other state’s casinos harass patrons in this manner. Again, the Board has embarrassed Nevada.

Mr. Clayton, maybe in a feeble attempt to make a joke, added:

It is important to apply those policies in a fair and consistent manner.

If Mr. Clayton believes that Nevada casinos will comply with his wish, perhaps he also believes in the Easter bunny. Clearly, casinos will not “apply those policies in a fair and consistent manner.” They will harass with impunity whoever they please , now worse than ever. There will be no penalties or enforcement actions taken for violations of Mr. Clayton’s wish. The Gaming Control Board makes me sick.


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