The Bear Growls: Casinos are disseminating patrons’ Social Security numbers

Social Security Card

Griffin Investigations, Inc., is a private business whose integrity was brought into question in court, where it was exposed as fabricating false information about casino patrons in order to sell that false information to casinos. Griffin subsequently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to delay payment to two of its victims who obtained a jury verdict against Griffin for its despicable wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, this business still exists, and incredible as it seems, some casinos still subscribe to its dubious “services.”

On its website, Griffin brags that it has access to and disseminates personal information, including Social Security numbers, of “legitimate” slot machine jackpot winners. From the Griffin website: The data stored includes … data on the thousands of players who are legitimate winners. The data includes names, addresses, physical descriptions, and social security numbers.

How is this possible? It is likely that Griffin obtains this information from the casinos themselves. How else could it be obtained? This is a stunning breach of patrons’ personal security by the casino industry. How can the Nevada Gaming Control Board permit this to go on? With the constant threat of identity theft, the public at large should be outraged by this.


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