Update on Harrah’s scandal

Nevada Gaming Control Board member Randall Sayre

Gaming regulator takes usual do-nothing approach

“I don’t think it is right, at this point, to push a great deal of expense through the entire industry to go look for a maybe.”

In other words, let’s not ask the greedy casinos to follow the law in protecting guests against hazards.

A well-informed long-time local columnist who understands how things work in Las Vegas

Arrogance isn’t admirable, but incompetence and sloth aren’t so terribly commendable. Our crack officials at the Clark County Development Services couldn’t find there was a problem at the Rio when Frazzetta came to them in August 2006 and said the Rio had undergone major remodeling without permits or inspections. Sure they checked six months after he complained. But all that the keenly perceptive supervisory building inspector Rick Maddox could find was that the work was original and not remodeled. Case closed. Now he’s in charge of the Rio reinspection, with supervision of course. That’s just so reassuring. How hard will he look for the things he couldn’t see before?

As pointed out previously, having this Maddox buffoon in charge of the “investigation” is beyond ridiculous.


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