The Bear Growls: County employees allegedly admit taking bribes from casinos — Will Gaming Control Board do anything about it?

Previously reported quote from Gaming Control Board member Randall Sayre: “I don’t think it is right, at this point, to push a great deal of expense through the entire industry to go look for a maybe.” From page 40 of… Continue Reading

Harrah’s criminal charges and Tropicana license revocation – are honest government officials finally waking up?

In the same week that Clark County filed seventeen criminal charges against Harrah’s employees or contractors in the remodeling scandal, New Jersey regulators refused to renew the Tropicana’s gaming license. Congratulations to Clark County Manager Virginia Valentine and the members… Continue Reading

The Bear Growls: Are Las Vegas police finally interested in the Harrah’s crimes?

CONSTRUCTION: Blowing whistle on a giant — Ex-worker accuses Harrah’s Entertainment of breaking law, imperiling lives But now Las Vegas police may be getting interested in his take on events. Detectives from the department’s criminal intelligence section spent an hour… Continue Reading

The Bear Growls: “Response audit” rather than police investigation of Harrah’s apparent crimes?

An international company with expertise in the construction industry was hired Tuesday to investigate the handling of a complaint about remodeling completed at two hotel-casinos without permits or inspections. … The company will assess the efficiency of the investigatory procedures… Continue Reading

The Bear Growls: Harrah’s cover-up worsens; county official says, “Our whole focus is code compliance without being punitive”

Let me see if I understand this correctly. Harrah’s and some of its employees appear to have committed numerous violations of building codes, regulations and statutes by allowing shoddy work that clearly endangered hundreds of guests, but apparently none of… Continue Reading