The Bear Growls: “Response audit” rather than police investigation of Harrah’s apparent crimes?

An international company with expertise in the construction industry was hired Tuesday to investigate the handling of a complaint about remodeling completed at two hotel-casinos without permits or inspections. …

The company will assess the efficiency of the investigatory procedures used by the building division, which is responsible for issuing permits and inspecting remodeling and new construction.

County OKs response audit –Company to check handling of whistle-blower’s alert

Some former Clark County Commissioners are presently in prison for corruption. It looks like it might be time to make room for more. How Commissioners could respond to these apparent crimes by hiring “auditors” rather than insisting on a criminal investigation by the police is beyond ridiculous. It looks like corruption has again reared its ugly head.

Do Nothing Clark County DA David Roger

While our grandstanding District Attorney, the casino-loving David Roger, wastes time and taxpayer money personally hassling O.J. Simpson over things that casino security guards routinely do and are never punished for, the Harrah’s apparent crimes that endangered the lives of tourists, the lifeblood of our economy, and subsequent attempted cover-up by County employees go unpunished. Something is seriously wrong.


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