The Bear Growls: Are Las Vegas police finally interested in the Harrah’s crimes?

Flamingo Las Vegas

CONSTRUCTION: Blowing whistle on a giant — Ex-worker accuses Harrah’s Entertainment of breaking law, imperiling lives

But now Las Vegas police may be getting interested in his take on events. Detectives from the department’s criminal intelligence section spent an hour with him Nov. 27, talking about the hotel remodeling projects. The session was tape-recorded, according to Frazzetta, who blew the proverbial whistle on the hotel code infractions.

ANOTHER HARRAH’S WOE: Flamingo safety scrutinized — Worker tells county that equipment cannibalized

Workers at the Flamingo Las Vegas cannibalized a piece of safety equipment on one guest floor to obtain a part so another floor would pass a fire inspection, according to a carpenter who gave a statement to the county Fire Department on Thursday. John Houk, one of the man’s supervisors, was suspended Friday, pending investigation, Marybel Batjer, a Harrah’s Entertainment spokeswoman, said Friday evening.

EDITORIAL: Flamingo fire safety

One rejection of public safety standards could be considered an aberration. Two incidents within the same company might be a coincidence. But three violations of a similar nature? That’s trouble.


With the new allegations about recent wrongdoing at Flamingo, it is imperative that police take action to try to stop these guest-safety crimes from continuing. The arrest, prosecution, and prison sentences after conviction of the responsible Harrah’s executives would be a good start. Do we need another hotel fire to kill dozens of tourists before meaningful action is taken?

Harrah’s has repeatedly demonstrated its disregard for the law and disregard for the safety of its guests and employees. The ongoing exposing of wrongdoing by more than one courageous whistleblower highlights a corporate mentality of thumbing the corporate nose at the safety regulations that exist to protect the very people whose wallets Harrah’s tries so hard to empty. It is ironic that Harrah’s doesn’t seem to care about the safety of the very people it fleeces with its mostly lousy, ripoff games. Maybe that’s what happens when a company gets so bloated that most government officials are too cowardly to take a stand against it. Let’s hope there are a couple of honest Metro detectives who are not afraid, not corruptible, and will push for the proper criminal action to be taken.


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