DA David Roger files charges — Harrah’s supervisors could face 8-year sentences in remodeling scandal

LV DA David Roger 

I must admit to being surprised that our casino-hugging DA David Roger is following through by filing criminal charges in the Harrah’s scandal, though they appear to be as soft as possible — all misdemeanors. I wonder if the Monte Carlo fire made it tougher for Mr. Roger to be able to sweep the whole mess under the rug.

I hope the right people are the defendants and if they are guilty, they get long jail sentences, but I doubt it will happen. I suspect a plea bargain with some community service will be the next step. Interesting that Harrah’s has not fired either one of the criminal defendants, yet the whistleblower was fired for allegedly stealing light bulbs, a story that’s hard to believe because he obviously knew he was under close scrutiny.

It is a pleasant change to see law enforcement filing criminal charges in a case of casino wrongdoing, instead of ignoring it as usual. Congratulations to Mr. Roger for having some sense of the right thing to do — a trait he seems to lack much of the time.

Work at resorts leads to charges

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