County inspector who apparently falsified records for Rio no longer employed by county

Rick Maddox, earlier referred to as the buffoon in charge of the inspection of the Rio, is gone from his cushy job with Clark County. It appears obvious that he falsified his report into the original complaint about the wrongdoing in the Rio remodeling. In case you somehow missed the original reports of the shameful corporate behavior by Harrah’s, here’s a link

And more:

Investigation by county inspectors has revealed multiple problems with the Rio work, including repeated failure to seal holes to prevent the spread of smoke during a fire; drilling damage to bars and tensioned cables that are imbedded in concrete to strengthen high-rise floors and ceilings; and substandard wiring in certain locations.

Recently, the district attorney took a step closer to prosecuting parties responsible for flaws in the hotel remodeling. On April 1, David Matthews, the current facilities director of the Flamingo Road hotel, will be arraigned on misdemeanor charges of failure to obtain permits or inspections at that resort.

Official departs county position

The county confirmed his departure but will not say whether he resigned or was fired.

Either way, the public is obviously better off without this character feeding at the public trough and being in a position to help despicable corporations endanger the public with unsafe buildings. It’ll be interesting to see if the District Attorney will prosecute Mr. Maddox for his false report (he apparently claims to have inspected 37 rooms in 18 minutes), and interesting to see if Mr. Maddox ends up on Harrah’s payroll, if he isn’t already there.


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