The Bear Growls: Harrah’s whistleblower names names


Fred Frazzetta, the non-union electrician who blew the whistle on illegal remodeling at the Rio hotel, encouraged Clark County commissioners to push Tuesday for “a thorough and complete investigation” of management at Harrah’s Entertainment for wrongdoing and poor oversight during the illegal room renovations.

I was honored to recently receive a communication from Mr. Frazzetta. I wish him well in his pursuit of the lowlife scum at Harrah’s who were responsible for the crimes. Mr. Frazzetta is a hero for spending so much effort trying to identify the bad guys. Let’s hope the county shows more teeth than it has so far, and brings serous felony charges against the appropriate casino executives, resulting in some prison time for those responsible.

“Harrah’s personnel that was responsible for the illegal remodel projects that I am aware of were Kirk England, Tom Jenkin, Tom Adams, Mike Nasby, Mike Whitehead, Leon Vermillion, George Kirkwood,” Frazzetta said, also mentioning three licensed contractors.

Assuming Mr. Frazzetta is correct, it is good to see the scoundrels publicly named.


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