Originally Posted 2/2/04 – Harrah’s CEO complains about invasion of HIS privacy!

The Bear Growls:  Absurdity: Harrah’s CEO complains about invasion of HIS privacy!

February 9, 2004

Harrah’s CEO Gary Loveman is mewling about regulators intruding on his civil rights.  Link to article.  What a ridiculous, hypocritical position for him to take. Even for a casino boss, the absurdity of his whining defies belief.  Mr. Loveman is an executive in an industry that regularly tolerates or even condones criminal behavior by its employees,  illegal dissemination of personal information about law-abiding, honest patrons, and all sorts of other rapacious behavior, including reneging on promised comps, and evicting patrons from their hotel rooms in the middle of the night if they are determined to not be hapless suckers.

For Mr. Loveman to whimper about some see-no-evil, hear-no-evil “regulators,” most of whom are mere puppets of the casino industry that he is a part of, violating HIS rights is laughable.


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