The Bear Growls: Worthless mail offer from Fandango Casino

Casino Fandango in Carson City

I received a nice-looking, slick, multi-colored mailer from Fandango in Carson City. On the front it reads, Be our guest at the new Courtyard Hotel. I assumed this meant free rooms — but it was an offer of a ten percent discount from the best available rate. LOL — I can probably get that with my auto club card or my AARP card.

Everything offered in the mailer was worthless except for a whopping ten dollar discount at any restaurant. Other items listed include:

Lush tropical jungle environment
Biggest and most jackpots
Newest hottest games
Best player’s club
Tropical storm slots
Volcano slots
Spacious new high limit area
(I assume it means slots, not table games — maybe $1 is “high limit” there?)
Race and sports book (But it won’t take reasonable-sized bets)
More live poker payouts
Generous monthly mail offers
($10 food discount is “generous”?)
Exciting monthly promotions (Haven’t seen one yet that I’d bother with)
600 parking spaces (Guess I’ll go count them)
Free valet (Where in Nevada is valet NOT free?)

I wonder why this Navegante Group-managed casino spends a lot of money doing a mailing, but makes the mailer worthless. How many “good customers” could this nonsense attract? Maybe the ad agency and/or mailing house owner is related to someone in the casino?

Has anyone ever received a decent offer from Fandango? The most I have ever received is $10 free play, for which I would have had to stand in line at the player’s club. I guess I’ve been downgraded to no longer receiving even that tiny scrap. Why clutter my mailbox with this?


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