The Bear Growls: Chrissy Mazzeo is back

Chrissy Mazzeo 

 From this article:

It was a deja vu moment: There was former cocktail waitress Chrissy Mazzeo in an attorney’s office accusing Gov. Jim Gibbons of assaulting her in a parking garage. Her attorney claimed some of Nevada’s most powerful men had orchestrated a cover-up. She was mobbed by local media who shouted over each other to get questions answered.


Chrissy Mazzeo states that it was difficult to find an attorney to go against the powerful interests involved. I have no doubt that’s true, based on my personal experience once suing a government agency and a corrupt powerful official. I had to go to a different part of the state I lived in at the time to find an attorney willing to pursue the case on on my behalf, though the case was obvious and strong. I eventually won my case and collected the money, but it was a long, hard struggle.

I know nothing about the case except what has been in the media, but if Chrissy is telling the truth, there is no doubt in my mind that Gov. Gibbons, ex-Sheriff Bill Young (now a Station Casinos employee), Sig Rogich, DA David Roger, and the other powerful interests involved could have orchestrated a cover-up and shut up everyone who might have had something to say. She is in for a tough battle. If Chrissy is telling the truth, I wish her well, and hope her case will help uncover more government corruption, particularly within Metro.

Congratulations to attorney Robert Kossack for having the intestinal fortitude to take on this case.

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