Originally Posted 10/25/04 – Praise, not a growl, for Bob Nersesian

The Bear Growls:  Praise, not a growl, for Bob Nersesian

October 25, 2004

Bob Nersesian is a hero.  Not in the sense of a firefighter rushing into a burning building to save people, or a police officer that stands up to armed robbers to protect the public.  But Mr. Nersesian is standing up to other bad guys — the bullies who run casinos and the useless bureaucrats who are supposed to be protecting the public from casino employees committing crimes and generally ignoring laws and regulations.

Mr. Nersesian has represented, usually successfully, many law-abiding, honest, casino patrons who have been victims of abuse by casinos and/or the Gaming Control Board.  He is doing it again, by taking on the “regulators” and casino interests in the MindPlay lawsuit.  The fact that the Gaming Control Board did not long ago ban MindPlay shows how useless the agency is in protecting the public. 

Thanks to Mr. Nersesian for taking this case, and best wishes for success.  However it turns out, it is important to let the bullies know that sometimes they have gone too far.  This case sends that message.

Link to copy of actual MindPlay complaint filed with the court


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