Originally Posted 4/22/05 – Tropicana comp cheapness

The Bear Growls:  Tropicana comp cheapnessApril 22, 2005  

Recently I went to the Tropicana for the first time in quite some time.  I got a nice, shiny new player’s card, and proceeded to play one of the table games for about an hour and a half, betting $150 per hand on average.  When my play concluded, I asked the floorman for a coffee shop comp.  The floorman asked if I was staying at the hotel, and I truthfully replied that I was not.  He said, “Then I’ll have to check with the pit boss.”  Eventually, word came back that I would not be granted a coffee shop comp because I hadn’t played “enough.” 

I was surprised by the refusal. I was the only one at the game I was playing who was betting anything other than a few red chips. I asked how much play is “enough” and was told “four hours with an average bet of $25.”  I politely commented that an hour and a half with an average bet of $150 was more action than four hours at $25.  “That’s our policy,” was the response.  Well, my “policy” is not to deal with a business that treats its patrons so shabbily.  Goodbye, Tropicana.


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