Originally Posted 1/20/06 – Again, Gaming Control Board fiddles while Rome burns

The Bear Growls: Again, Gaming Control Board fiddles while Rome burns

January 20, 2006

Casino nightclubs have been warned to keep illegal activity out, and gaming bosses know that the Control Board is watching.

Wow! The “gaming bosses” must be quaking in their boots knowing that their do-nothing, see-no-evil, hear-no-evil puppets are watching. This Gaming Control Board is the same bunch of cowards who refuse to punish casinos for real wrongdoing, such as security guards committing violent crimes against patrons. Nothing has been done to Imperial Palace, Caesars Palace, or Frontier despite the huge jury awards against them for wrongdoing. Nothing has been done to MGM Grand for refusing to cash winning patrons’ chips, despite the fact that more than a single isolated case of such abuse of patrons has been brought to the attention of the Board. Yet these “regulators” are wasting time and taxpayer money by sniffing around nightclubs and worrying about how short the skirts are on billboard ads. If the Board wasn’t such an embarrassment to Nevada, its activities would be downright comical. Shame on them.


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